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Oregon Customers / Employees

Available by phone, email or Web. We are here for you, feel free to reach out. Our staff is extremely skilled.

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state-icons-edit wa-300x216Washington State Customers / Employees

We are dedicated to providing you with the very best job placement services and employment opportunities.

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Our Customers Love Our Work

"With so many other leasing services to choose from, what does Quest have to offer that I can't get from someone else? "


Quest is a locally
owned company
that has been making
customers happy
since 1985.

Our payroll accuracy is over 99%.
When there is a problem,
we make it our first priority to
get it taken care of  as
quickly and effectively as possible.


Quest processes
and funds all of
its payroll in house.

Quest employees pride themselves on providing the best personal customer service possible.  When you call us, you will always get a live, friendly person who WILL be able to help you.

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