Why Use Quest?

With so many other leasing services to choose from,

what does Quest have to offer that I can't get from someone else? "

  • Reliability. Quest is a locally owned company that has been making customers happy since 1985.
  • Accuracy. Our payroll accuracy is over 99%. When there is a problem, we make it our first priority to get it taken care of  as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • Autonomy. Quest processes and funds all of its payroll in house.
  • Efficiency. Quest has invested in one of the most reliable, versatile and efficient IT systems ever developed for the payroll and staffing industry.
  • People. Quest employees pride themselves on providing the best personal customer service possible.  When you call us, you will always get a live, friendly person who WILL be able to help you.

What Will Quest's Employee Leasing Program Do For Me?


  • Leasing your workforce from Quest will relieve your company of most all of the burden of payroll. This frees up valuable staff time and staff dollars to focus on revenue generating activities. See what is included with our service here.
  • Quest takes on the responsibility for all reporting and tax deposits. No more stress from deadlines and penalties!
  • Quest’s pricing is all inclusive. There are no hidden fees or add-on services. Because all of our services are included in your rate, your work force cost is easily defined. This allows for better and more accurate budgeting and expense tracking.
  • Quest’s leasing program takes the headache of benefits and benefits management off your plate.  Quest will help you tailor a benefits plan that best meets the needs of your company, and administration of that plan is included in our service! Quest takes on the responsibility for meeting all regulatory requirements in an ever changing environment, while offering benefits packages that will keep your workforce happily employed.
  • Quest offers many options to maximize the convenience of our services, including time keeping systems, direct deposit, pay cards, auto pay, and more.
  • Quest will help with Safety, risk management, and loss control.  Our expertise in managing workers compensation insurance is second to none.
  • Quest is responsible for all unemployment insurance including claims management.
  • Quest has your back when it comes to legal matters. Quest takes on the responsibility of responding to payroll conflicts and employment related legal challenges.
  • Quest provides you with un-paralleled HR support. In addition to providing full service PEO services
  • Quest can also handle your temporary staffing, recruiting, and hiring needs. Visit our Staffing website here.

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