Q: What does it mean to "lease employees"?

A: An employee leasing service relieves business owners of payrolling and limited HR functions by assuming these responsibilities on behalf of their clients.  This service can be especially valuable for small businesses that aren't large enough to have a full-fledged HR department.

Q: Is employee leasing expensive?

A: No. Many companies find that employee leasing saves them money. Quest is very efficient at processing payroll and handling all of the regulatory burden that goes along with it. The costs of our systems and processes are spread out among many clients, providing service options and value that individual clients can’t match. For more information, click here.

Q: Is leasing hard to set up?

A: No. Quest will handle virtually all of the setup.

Q: Will I still have control of my workforce?

A: Yes. The client still makes hiring and firing decisions and maintains supervisory control of the workforce.

Q: How are leased employees different than temporary employees?

A: Leased employees are hired on a permanent basis where as temporary employees work in situations where their employment is for a specific project, seasonal, or temporary-to-hire.

Q: Why should I use a leasing service instead of a payroll service?

A: While payroll services can offer some of the same efficiencies with the numbers side of payroll, the differences between a payroll service and Quest’s leasing program are profound. Payroll services do not assume any liabilities with respect to payroll and employment, and generally do not offer the HR support that comes with Quest’s program. Payroll services tend to have complex fee schedules that make it difficult to define end cost. Quest’s program is all inclusive and quite competitive with the actual end cost of using a payroll service. For a complete comparison between our services and a typical payroll service, click here.

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