Tigard Team

tina zechSince 1996, Tina Zech has been the foundation of the Tigard office.  We believe she is the most reliable and dedicated account representative in the entire Portland area.   She has the customer base to prove it, with many of her clients having utilized her support for over 10 years!  Tina’s experience enables her to quickly assess an employee’s presentation and recognize how well they will blend in with the environment at each of her client’s work sites.  She takes “making a match” between her employees and her customers to a whole new level!


Vicki Koch After 7 years working as a senior staffing rep, Vicki Koch took two years off then returned to us to assume a role as the backbone in the Tigard office.  Although Vicki’s long-term goal is to move to Maryland to be with her family, we are taking advantage of her availability and amazing support.  If you have ANY questions or need ANY help, if Vicki is unable to immediately provide the information you need, she’ll eagerly track down who or what you need to know without batting an eye!


Holly Friedrichson assumed a primary role in the placement functions at our Tigard office in the Spring of 2015.  She has experience working with a wide array of industries through her staffing background and is excellent at thinking outside the box when it comes to matching up candidates with our openings.  She is quick to respond to the needs of both our employees and clients.  And, if she doesn’t know an answer to your question, is excellent at knowing where to go to find it!






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