Wilsonville Team

mmelissa craigMelissa Craig was the very first “temp” at her parent’s staffing company in 1987.  She takes pride in this background as it has enabled her to recognize that, for us, customer service goes two directions—the customer AND the employees!  As the Regional Manager, Melissa participates in all aspects of the organization including sales, placement, safety management and in-house staff training and support.


david craigDavid Craig oversees the payroll, accounting and IT functions. He is instrumental in maintaining and customizing our state of the art payroll system, including custom programming and reports tailored specifically to our clients needs.




taffy ehlersTaffy Ehlers our Staffing Coordinator, started in 2012.  She joined our organization with no staffing experience, but it was immediately clear her tenacity, enthusiasm and eagerness to match employees to jobs was PERFECT for the industry!  Taffy does an exemplary job of applying these traits to meeting the needs of her customers.   She is genuine, honest and dedicated to successfully representing both our clients AND employees.


Vicki-website-picVicki Koch has been the stable force in the Wilsonville office since 2007.  As Wilsonville’s senior Staffing Coordinator, her greatest strength lies in her dedication to seeing that the needs of our clients are met today...tomorrow...next week...next month and into next year…  Vicki truly takes a personal interest in each and every one of her customers.



jan vroomanJan Vrooman is the rock in our accounting dept.  She completes our effort at providing exemplary customer service by being quick to address customer and employee concerns.  With an accuracy rate near 100%, Jan makes our payroll process one of the best  in the industry.  Jan has ran our Payroll and Accounting Department since 2007.



sherry-allmarasSherry Allmaras While Sherry has only been with Quest/Summit since Sept, 2013, she is hardly a rookie!  Prior to the recent recession, Sherry worked for Quest for over 10 years!  She is a smiling voice and face many of our long-standing clients and employees will recognize, and is rock solid in providing exceptional customer service to every person who walks through the door or calls on the phone.


Carol-Kalbasky-website-picCarol Kalbasky is our newest Staffing Coordinator, and she is quickly getting dialed in on placement functions!  Her area of expertise is in administration/general office placement and she takes her duties very seriously.  Carol’s strong desire to find THE PERFECT candidate for our openings is making it easy for clients to recognize that they need to go no further in searching for candidates to fill their jobs.


Masty-website-picMasty Hughes provides tremendous support to many of us at Quest/Summit Staffing.  Her primary role is to support Jan in the accounting department.  However, she is also our benefits administrator as well as administrator to many other corporate functions.  Masty has a strong eagerness to please all our clients and employees, so if you have questions about paychecks, invoices or insurance, she is a good one to call!

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